Books by DeYoung

Year Title Publisher ISBN
Weather and the Bible (Question/answer format) Baker 0-8010-3013-7
1994 (Out of print) Voyage to the Planets (Children's book, co-authored with Richard Bliss) Institute for Creation Research 0-932766-32-3
1994-2002 Science and the Bible, Volumes 1, 2, & 3, (Bible-science object lessons) Baker 0-8010-3023-4, 0-8010-5773-6, 0-8010-6421-X
1995 Astronomy and Creation Creation Research Society (CRS) 0-940384-17-5
1997 Physical Science and Creation CRS 0-940384-19-1
2000 Fascinating Facts from the World of Discovery Master Books 0-89221-500-3
2000 Dinosaurs and Creation (ebook, question/answer format) Baker 0-8010-6306-X
2002 Design and Origins in Astronomy (Technical, co-authored with Emmett Williams) CRS 0-940384-26-4
2004 Geology and Creation (Question/answer) CRS 0-940384-29-9
2005 Thousands...not Billions (The age of the earth, technical) Master Books 0-89051-441-0
2006 Pioneer Explorers of Intelligent Design Brethren Missionary Herald 0-88469-073-3
2009 Discovery of Design Master Books 0-89051-574-3
2010 Astronomy and the Bible BMH Books 0-8010-2991-0, 0-8010-6225-X
2010 Our Created Moon (Co-authored with John Whitcomb) Master Books 978-0-89051-581-5

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